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GrassFed Beef Biltong - Traditional

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*Traditional Biltong Stock Available for Next Day Delivery!*

Our traditional biltong utilizes the classic flavours like vinegar, coriander seed, black pepper and a hint of brown sugar. At Kief Biltong Co we like our biltong on the thicker side but no worries there is always a variety of thickness and texture to every cut of biltong.

For detailed information on packaging, storage and home-care see "How We Optimze for the Freshest Product" 

Biltong can be packaged in either a kraft paper bags for breathability, and is the choice for immediate consumption within the week; or vac sealed for longer preservation. Please specify in the order notes your preference of packaging. 

Inventory is subject to high demand. Subscriptions and pre-orders will be made available shortly. 

Our Wet Biltong variation is biltong that is subjectively premature in the curing process, giving the biltong a higher level of moisture in the center of the meat and a softer texture. Our wet biltong is only available by pre-order. Please specify preference in the order notes. 

For optimal biltong enjoyment we suggest that the product is consumed within the week it is purchased unless vaccuum sealed. If not vacuum sealed we recommend biltong be left in an area where it can breathe and allow any moisture to continue to expel from the meat. Biltong kept in an area where moisture can build up will be subject to quick spoilage. Keep biltong in the fridge and in the provided kraft paper bag if unsure.

We also offer the option of Whole and Pre-Sliced Biltong. For optimal enjoyment of biltong, we suggest customers purchase whole pieces and slice pieces as needed and to your preference of thickness. Sliced biltong will degrade faster than a whole piece and will lose its vitality over the coming days. If consuming immediately we offer up to 300g sliced. We do not vac seal sliced biltong. 

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