Biltong is a cured meat that originates in South Africa and was improved upon and utilized by migrating European Settlers in the 17th Century. Biltong was used as a way of preserving nutrient dense meat during the long journey. In South Africa, game meats like Kudu are often used, but around the world, beef is most commonly procured. Since then biltong has become a popular snack among South Africans and people around the world.

Biltong is a lot like jerky in its flavor and texture but some (those in the know) might say its better! Unlike jerky, biltong is not produced using heat or smoke, but is slowly air cured with a mixture of flavors and spices such as vinegar, coriander and black pepper. This process allows for a jerky like product that also wouldn't be out of place on a fine charcuterie board alongside fine meats like prosciutto and bresaola. 

Kief Biltong also benefits from a natural preservation process, keeping it free of added nitrates or nitrites. Further, where most conventional beef jerky is high in sugar, our biltong utilizes this flavor at a fraction of the amount. Comparatively the biltong process allows for a healthier product that retains its vitamins and nutrients.

Biltong makes for an excellent snack as it is a great source of protein ideal for low carb, keto or paleo diets. It is also an excellent cooking ingredient and can be used in a similar fashion in to bacon, to flavor a dish.