Our biltong is packaged in either a kraft paper packaging or in a vacuum sealed packaging. In order to provide the best tasting product for our customers. Kief Biltong Co. allows our customers to choose how they want their biltong delivered. Please consider these factors in your purchase of biltong to maximize the quality of your product over its period of consumption.

  1. For optimal flavor and product quality life span we recommend customers to purchase whole pieces of biltong rather than sliced biltong and slice the biltong as needed and to your preference. We will only slice a max 300g per order. 
  2. Keep biltong vac sealed in the fridge for maximum product life and quality preservation. 
  3. Keep your biltong dry. Moisture is the enemy of your biltong and will cause it to go bad quickly. Keep biltong sealed in vacuum bags until consumption, once opened keep your biltong in a setting that promotes air flow like hanging, in a breathable basket, or in a paper bag in the fridge or in the open. Biltong that is not vac sealed will continue to dessicate over time and allowing it to breathe will allow it to further dry. Biltong moisture level is a matter of preference, some people like it wet and some hard as a rock. 
  4. How you want your biltong packaged is a matter of subjectivity. If you intend to consume the biltong within the week, kraft paper is the suggested packaging. Kraft paper allows the biltong to breathe and absorbs any moisture the biltong may “sweat” out. If you intend to consume your biltong over the course of several weeks, opt for vacuum sealed packaging, such will allow you to open individual packs as needed, maintaining freshness and moisture. For the best results, we recommend purchasing frequently and packaged in kraft paper to allow the product to breathe and so that you get the freshest product week after week.