Traditional Biltong

Our traditional biltong uses the classic flavours like vinegar, coriander seed and black pepper. At Kief Biltong Co we like our biltong on the thicker side but no worries there is always a variety of thickness and texture to every cut of biltong.

Our Wet Biltong variation is biltong that is subjectively premature in the drying process, giving the biltong a higher level of moisture in the center of the meat. Our wet biltong is only available on select days due to its availability in the process and you can preorder to have it deliever upon availability. 

For wet biltong we suggest that it is consumed in a timely period upon purchase. Unless vacuum sealed we recommend wet biltong be left in an area where it can breathe and allow the moisture to continue to expel from the meat. Wet biltong kept in an area where moisture can build up will be subject to quick spoilage. Keep biltong in the fridge if unsure.