Biltong's Position in Your Diet

Biltong has long been a favourite of many South African's. It is something appropriate for consumption at any time of the day, but for many people here in Canada it is a foreign product that requires some understanding. 

Unlike other beef jerky products on the market, biltong is far more modest in terms of both salt and sugar compared to the likes of Singapore style jerky which is typically very sweet and commercial jerky which can be both heavy in sugar and salt. I love all jerky products, however as someone who tries to stay away from refined sugars and preservatives, and enjoys a product that highlights the complex essence of great grass-fed beef flavor as opposed to masking it in flavorings, the natural process and mild flavorings of biltong make it a great choice for regular consumption. 

People who enjoy working out and typically consume protein shakes or things like that, may want to consider biltong as an alternative. I've used whey protein for years, but what I've come to learn is that overly processed foods wreak havoc on our digestive systems. (I don't thing vegetable protein powders are any better) Real, natural, whole foods are things our body understands and when it comes to protein there is no better source than high quality animal meat and organs. Protein farts from whey are a real thing and its not good for your body, your body is trying to tell you something and you should listen to it. Biltong makes for are an excellent snack that fulfills satiety, protein, and salt which you would have lost during your workout, an ideal partner. Add in some fruit and you have a complete and wholesome post workout package, versus a highly processed protein shake or protein bar/energy bar. 

As of late, biltong has become my go to breakfast food. Normally, I do not eat a traditional breakfast and choose to eat first at around noon time. Normally, I like to employ a keto or carnivore style diet (which includes fruits and some vegetables), and biltong is a great starter for the appetite and energy levels. Biltong can also be used as a cooking ingredient. Biltong fried before scrambling some eggs is an excellent partnership. 

Biltong obviously goes great as a snack at any time of day. High quality animal product is a great source of dense nutrients and will provide great satiety as a snack. One usage I particularly enjoy is replacing biltong for chips. I have a weakness for those salty crispy potatoes, and biltong provides an excellent salty and delicious replacement that takes my mind away from temptation and on track with my goals. 

Let me know how biltong fits into your life!